Unknown Issue

Another annual plate I presume, again from a yet unknown source.

Every dog has his day!

Aldershot News & Farnborough Chronicle

An article with a reproduction of special artwork Studdy did for the Blue Cross Kennels charity organisation.

The Chummy Book

Illustration for the Chummy Book Annual - Thirteenth edition - published by Thos. Nelson and Sons Ltd.

Valentine Place Cards

The famous postcard company Valentine and Sons Ltd., Dundee and London, as well as issuing over 500 Bonzo postcards, also made other paper and card Bonzo memorabilia such as these Place Cards for dinner parties.  They came in sets of 6 or 8.  Below are examples from two different sets.

Bonzo Snap Cards

It is so far unknown who issued these cards & for exactly what purpose.  There seemed to be sets of up to 48 cards with eight different cartoons.  They are printed on poor quality stiff card & simply two tone black and green.  All I can assume is that they were of a Snap card set.

Little Folks

Another collection of stories and pictures for children, this was a monthly publication that ran from 1871 - 1933.  They used this Studdy illustration for the January cover in 1928.

Charity Programme Cover

Another one-off charity event for which Studdy donated artwork.  This was for a Midnight Performance on Wednesday 29th February 1928, held at the London Hippodrome in aid of the Middlesex Cancer Hospital.  A whole host of stars from the theatre world gave performances of songs or sketches, plus an auction was held.

Published monthly between 1921 and 1931, this was a collection of stories, cartoons and games for children.  Studdy's illustrations were frequently used for their covers, plus there were strip cartoons as well.

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