Another series of annual charitable magazines, this one was published in aid of the Funds of the National Book Trade Provident Society.  So far the earliest issue I've found dates from 1909, & Studdy contributed to the 1917 issue.

The Neutral

A weekly magazine, founded in 1874 & ran until 1945 when it became "Sport and Country".  The paper covered, as its title indicates, both sporting and theatrical events, including news and criticism.  It also contained original pieces of fiction in serials and a story or two in each issue.  Its more well known Christmas editions, "Holly Leaves" featured many notable illustrators & writers of the day.

The Gentle Art!

The Net Results!

"Shall I?"

"Yes; but I wish I hadn't."

At its peak, around 1906 - 1913, this was probably the best of the popular fiction magazines.  It published rather more adventure/mystery fiction than others at the time.  Some of the most popular writers of the day appeared in it.  This is Studdy's only contribution (illustrations for a story, "Hidden Treasure" by F. Morton Howard) that I've found so far.

Unknown Issue (Possibly The Illustrated London News)

These were part of a series of dogs Studdy drew title "Dogs Of War".  These images were also issued on postcards.

The Dogs Of War - Getting the wind up.

The Dogs Of War - A dud!

The Dogs Of War - more frightfulness.

The Dogs Of War - more frightfulness.

The Dogs Of War - Gassed.

Unknown Issue

This will have come from a book, but which one I haven't found out yet!

Why does he flourish that gamp?

Jolly Rhymes

This was a book published by Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd.  It was a collection of little rhymes, with "jolly pictures" by Studdy & Lawson Wood.

The Toss.

Why did they call me Rose?

"Tiger, tiger"

First Aid.

Jacko and the elephant.

A surprise attack.

The burglar's doom.

The puncture.

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