The Joy Book

Another selection of annual plates from 1922.

Ally's first day at school

Netty's arrival in Woggletown

Nash's and Pall Mall Magazine

Studdy made a couple of contributions to this publication, each one for the Christmas edition for 1922 & 1923.

Number, please!

The Christmas dinner.

An American magazine published by Mast, Crowell & Kirkpatrick, Springfield, Ohio from 1877 - approx 1930.  It contained some short fiction, samples of which were collected in "Early Stories From The Land". It continued as "Country Home" magazine.  Studdy's Bonzo was featured on two of its covers.

A glossy mega-supplement to The Sketch, which carried a mixture of fiction and art and like the Christmas issues of it, The Sphere and The Graphic.  It was published bi-annually Summer and Christmas 1923 - 1924.


"Two's Mirth!"

Nothing doing + The Accomplice

Not on the menu.

Adventures of Alfred.

George Robey's Christmas Annual

George Robey (real name George Edward Wade) was born in 1869 and began his career as a music-hall comedian in 1891.  He developed his act, doing character songs with patter much in the manner pioneered by Dan Leno. and rapidly became very popular.  He made numerous records and appeared in a few films, most famously as Sancho Panza in the 1933 Don Quixote (with Chaliapine in the title role) and briefly as the dying Falstaff in Olivier's Henry V.  He was knighted in 1954, the year he died.  Studdy made this contribution to a Christmas Annual (actually a newspaper type small magazine) bearing Robey's name in 1923.  In which other years this was published I've not been able to find out.  The second contribution is from a George Robey Concert program, date unknown.

The Green Fly on the Little Yellow Dog.

Newspaper Skits by Our Popular Artists

Aimed at the 'Home Woodworker', this large volume contained lots of patterns and construction instructions for all sorts of woodworking projects for the home hobbyist.  Both Bonzo and other Studdy dogs were reproduced as patterns to be made into calendars.

How's Bonzo?

In 1924 Cecil Lennox & Co. published the sheet music to a new fox-trot song "How's Bonzo?", with words by Wyn Ewart and music by Mark Strong.  It was recorded for the HMV company by Jack Hylton and his Band, a popular dance band of the era.  Later, the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band also performed the song on stage, but sadly never recorded a version.  Studdy naturally provided the artwork of the song sheet cover.

Bonzo Joins The Wool Trade

This was a series of prints issued by Derby Prints in 1925.  They were done on stiff card ready for framing.  I'm not sure how many were in this series, these are the three I've found so far.

Bonzo finds the Sweating-room beats
the Turkish Bath

Bonzo regrets his belief in Statistics

Bonzo believes in Arbitration

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