One of the many Annuals produced for children, Studdy contributed several prints (some of which I believe also appeared in the Jolly Annuals).

Jacko and the Elephant

"A tall giraffe peeped into our bedroom."

"Hallo, Santa!"

Unknown Issues

Two more prints from unknown publications.

A puzzle for the Porter

The judgement of Paris

A "quality" boys' magazine, almost like a junior version of the same publisher's "The Strand", it ran from 1899 to 1924.  It was noted for its school stories and adventure yarns; authors included R. S. Warren Bell, P. G. Wodehouse, John Buchan, Frank H. Shaw, etc.  Studdy contributed several images over the years, including some that were used as the front cover image.

Sport - As The Huns Would Have It

Thumbs Up!

A Picture Story - In Eleven Episodes


The Ghost Story

An oddity I can find nothing about, other than this Studdy contribution for the Christmas Supplement of 1916.

The Thin Bird

Canada In Khaki

These publications were a issued as "A Tribute to the Officers and Men now serving in the Overseas Military Forces of Canada".  The net profits of them went to the Canadian War Memorials Fund, & they were published by the Musson Book Company, Toronto.  Studdy made at least two contributions to the magazines, one in each that I can find.

Fritz's nightmare vision of tanks

The soldier's Bully-Beef nightmare

Unknown Issue

Another image from an unkown publication, though most probably from an Annual - possibly Blackie's, Jolly Book, Joy Book or similar.

The best of all big brothers

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