Contributions to the many & varied other publications that Studdy made over the course of his working life as an Illustrator.
I have tried to sort them in roughly date order.

The Boy's Own Paper

A morally uplifting boys' story paper concentrating on adventure, sport and public school life, it remains a byword to this day and ranks (along with Punch, The Strand Magazine and very little else) as one of the great British institutions of periodical publishing.  Authors include W.H.G. Kingston, R.M. Ballantyne, Jules Verne, Talbot Baines Reed, Gordon Stables, G.A. Henty, etc.
It ran from 1879-1941.  These are the only contributions by Studdy I've come across so far...

Commandeering in 1800

The Schoolmaster's Rod

Published by Pearson between October 1888 - January 1909,
Pick-Me-Up magazine was a weekly humourous magazine contianing topical articles & many little cartoons by leading illustrators of the day.  It was edited by the Cartoonist Leonard Raven-Hill.

Punch, the magazine of humour and satire, ran from 1841 until its closure in 2002.  A very British institution with an international reputation for its witty and irreverent take on the world, it published the work of some of the greatest comic writers (Thackeray, P G Wodehouse and P J O‚ÄôRourke among others) and gave us the cartoon as we know it today.  Its political cartoons swayed governments while its social cartoons captured life in the 19th and 20th centuries.  Studdy contributed to this magazine early in his career, then much later adverts featuring Bonzo appeared in it.

The Windsor Magazine was the most successful rival to The Strand, ran from January 1895 to September 1939.  It managed to appeal equally to men and women, though by the 1920s was shifting more toward the women's market.  Among its contributors were Guy Boothby ("Dr Nikola" stories), Rudyard Kipling, E.F. Benson, & Edgar Wallace.  Studdy did several cartoons for this magazine, including these two Bonzos.

A Distinction With A Difference.

A Gentle Hint.

Destination Taken For Granted.

A Seasonable Warning: M.P.'s Beware!

A Brilliant Idea.

A Little Mixed.

Bonzo puts some "pep" into it.

Bonzo Rejoices.

The Guest Who Thought
It Was Fancy Dress.

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