Unknown Issue

Possibly one of a series (using different artists) published on hard card by Odhams Ltd., Long Acre, London.

Sam's Soapy Supper

The London Sketch Club

Studdy was an active member of this club, & would also provide illustrations for various functions invitations and menus.

Published from February 1919 - May 1924, the first Pan was a slight ephemeral magazine with a bohemian outlook that never got off the ground.  It was relaunched in November 1919 as Pan: A Journal for Saints and Cynics which published some fiction, but was generally too aimless.  From Jul-1921 it became an all-fiction pulp magazine companion to 20-Story Magazine and featured a lot of mystery and weird fiction as well as adventure stories.  These are the contributions to this publication Studdy made that I've found so far.

Pearls before swine

There's life in the old Moon yet!

The Cynic!

 Published from 1912 to 1926, these three contributions have come from two 1920 editions.

Uncle & Elsie

A Hairstory

Just like 'em!

How a perfectly promising jockey...

Ink Blotters

Many publishers, including Valentine (who did the majority of Bonzo postcards) issued ink blotters with Studdy images on them.  Some were then used as advertisements, with the company's name printed on them.  The examples below are blank ones.

Once Upon A Time

Another children's annual series.  This illustrated story is from the 1921 edition.


Again an unknown source, but most likely an annual.


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