As has already been seen within this site, the Bonzo phenomenon created with it a vast number of collectable memorabilia that was issued both at the time and has continued to the present.  You name it and there was an item produced either with or in the image of Bonzo.  They were not only produced here in England - Bonzo's home country, but also in America, Austria, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands and Spain!  There were probably other countries as well, but these were the main ones.

Through this page you can link through to all the various types of Bonzo Memorabilia and collectables that I have so far been able to track down.  It is by no means a comprehensive guide as on a regular basis something new comes to light!  If anyone visiting here has or knows of other as yet undiscovered Bonzo items, I'd be only too happy to include them here as well.

Please revisit this page from time to time, as I hope to continue to add more links to further pages as and when time allows me to create them!

  • The Celluloids - Just some of the many celluloid Bonzos made in different countries.
  • Glassware - A selection of glass items in the shape of or featuring Bonzo.