Both at the time, and also over subsequent years, many Bonzo badges or pins have been made.  Here is a selection of them.

An 'official' enameled badge from the 1930's.

Most of these 'official' badges had a facsimile signature of Studdy's on the back,
together with its registered design number.  They were made in England.

A tie pin, made the same way as the above.  It too has a facsimile of Studdy signature on the back.

These three examples all have a similar enameled Bonzo placed on a metal object.  They are all possibly good luck charms, again probably English made.

Unmarked, but more than likely English made, this one resembles the Chad Valley soft toys.  It was possibly made by, or commissioned by Chad Valley to help promote their soft toys.
[See Chad Valley & other Soft Toys]

A different style of enameled badges were made in Czechoslovakia.  These were painted onto a base metal and then clear-enameled.  On the back of some is stamped 'Copyright  Czecko-Slovakia'.

These last three examples are menu card holders, with a clip at the back for inserting the menu.

Made in similar ways to the badges, enamelled pendants were also created.