Another Czechoslovak produced badge, this one is of a pressed metal with a blue wash to highlight the features.

A slightly different style for these, with a more open-cut look.  The one on the right has jeweled eyes & is marked "Austria" on the back.

A beautifully painted under enamel broach.
Marked on the back MC & CO  925 Silver.

These two appear to be of a later date than the previous examples.  The one on the left is unmarked & on a gilt back, the one on the right is stamped on the back 'STERLING SILVER RD.706732'.

This great pair of badges were made in a very limited number.  The Bonzo was commissioned in the mid 1970's by the then editor of Music Talk - an in-house magazine for EMI Records, distributed to record shops & dealers - as a competition prize.  Ooloo was made to commemorate the 100th edition of the magazine a little later.  Neither were officially for sale & thus quite rare.

A modern enameled badge.  This was made by Richard Dennis to accompany the publication of The Bonzo Book by Paul Babb & Gay Owen in 1988.

Another type of enamelware were dash plaques for cars.  These are hard to find & highly collectable.

This one is of a similar style, but instead of the two eyes for screws, this one has a small rod at the base.  Maybe it was to be mounted proudly on top of the dashboard.

Not strictly badges, these two examples are vanity 'mirror' cases.  The Bonzo is a tiny struck metal piece, fixed into the material case.  The 'mirror' is polished metal.

Note the one on the right's 'mirror' is styled like a pocket-watch with a fake winder.

This is a silver napkin holder with a Bonzo attached to the side.

A sterling silver book-marker/page-marker.
Bearing the maker's hallmarks - J.W  Birmingham 1924. It measures 3 inches in length.

Possibly the tiniest three-dimensional Bonzo, a Bonzo charm.  It has a marking on the top ring, so is possibly silver.  It stands just half an inch tall!