Once Bonzo had established himself, the demand for figurines & other items in his image began.  At this time, Germany was a prolific manufacturer of relatively inexpensive but quality china.  Most of the porcelain factories were based in the Thuringian Wald region of south east Germany.

Several of these factories were granted a license to produce 'official' Bonzo memorabilia, others simply jumped on the bandwagon & produced look-a-like items.

Most of the German china has a mould number impressed into the items, & most also have the word 'Germany' impressed into them as well.  Occasionally the word 'Foreign' appears stamped on the base of an item.  Today, one must be aware that modern reproductions of some of these items exist, & are even being currently made.

Here are just a few examples of the huge range of output from these factories.

The Jugs.
These came in various sizes, shapes & colours.  The ones pictures here are the most frequently found.
They have an unglazed, bisque finish with cold painted features & came in a variety of different colours.  These were also copied by the Japanese.

A large 'standard' pink jug

A large 'alternate' pink jug

A large 'alternate' yellow jug

A couple of containers, with removable head lids.  The one on the left is regularly misdescribed as a tobacco jar or humidor,
but was actually a bath salts container - see the close-up image of a label right.

The label reads:
"Perfumed Bath Crystals"

Two more containers; the left is modelled on the Sketch image "The Hopeless Dawn!" (and was also made in pink & black), the right is Ooloo, the Studdy Cat.

An unusual drum container, with a Bonzo on top and another breaking through the drum.

An open dish or ashtray

A tobacco jar and an ink well

The ink well, showing a hole in the head for the pen
and the hole where a ink container would fit.