A Liquor container or decanter.
This came with a set of small cups in the image of Bonzo's head.
It was probably made for schnapps.

The Bonzo Scent Spray.
This has a rubber head mounted on a china body, with a metal neck ring (either in brass, as above, or silvered).
Squeezing the rubber head would have sprayed out the scent.

A group of figurines.  These came in many colours & sizes.  The one on the left is mounted on a bakelite base.

More examples of figurines.

A toothbrush holder

A mustard pot, with china spoon

A pretzel holder.
This would have had a long wooden or plastic 'tail'
on which the pretzels would have been placed.

A group of pepper pots

Some more examples of pepper pots.  The pair on the right are marked with the Goebels factory stamp.

A cruet set, with a salt or pepper pot & mustard pot.
The two pots are removable.