There were many images of Bonzo reproduced in glass - scent bottles, inkwells, ashtrays, powder bowls, etc.  The majority of these were made under licence in Czechoslovakia in the later 1920s & 30s, some even having registered numbers on them.
Scent Bottles

These were made for Potter & Moore of Mitcham, south London, and contained either lavander, lily or rose water.  The middle one, balancing a ball as its cap, was originally sold for one shilling & sixpence.  The third one, unlike the others, had an extra glass stopper for dabbing the scent under the head.

This clear glass and somewhat cruder version of the balancing ball scent bottle
is believed to have been made in Romania.

An Ooloo scent bottle was also made using black glass with cold-painted features.

Ink Wells

Again. made in Czechoslovakia, they have a silver hinged band to form his collar.  They have Bonzo's name in raised lettering on the back of his head between his ears, and a registration number underneath the collar.  The head tilts back to reveal the small well for ink in his body.  There were three versions that I'm aware of; clear, frosted and purple glass.

Powder Bowls

Several imaged versions of these were made, but all are from quite thin glass that is rear-painted.  The lid decoration is better protected by a sealing paint, but the body paint is very vunerable to flaking off, as can be seen.  They are about 4 inches in diameter and about 2 inches tall.


A glass ashtray, made in Czechosolvakia

An egg cup made from 'milk-glass' - possibly English in origin.

This solid glass figure is only about an inch high.  It's not known what it was intended for or if it came attached to something else, as I've only ever seen these on their own.

An unofficial, and by the style a later period Bonzo drinking glass.