Pan Yan Pickle was created by the Scottish firm Maconochies in 1907, in their factory in east London's Isle of Dogs.  It quickly became a household favourite and was part of an era of food inspired by exotic spices and fruits which were being shipped through the West India Docks in the East End.  Even the name of the pickle was chosen to reflect its Oriental tastes.
Among the many advertising images used over the years, some Studdy dogs helped to market this famous pickle.

H.P. Sauce (House of Parliament Sauce) was invented by F. C. Garton of West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire in about 1870.  It was originally produced & sold as "F.G. Garton's Sauce" by the Midland Vinegar Co., but changed its name to HP Sauce in 1903 because Garton claimed to have heard that it was available in a restaurant in the Houses of Parliament.  In the 1970s HP Sauce became known as "Wilson's Gravy" after Harold Wilson, the Labour Prime Minister, whose wife, Mary, in an interview to the Sunday Times claimed "If Harold has a fault, it is that he will drown everything with HP Sauce".

In the 1930s, Studdy created a poster for the company which they then used for a painting competition.

Goodall, Backhouse was established in 1837 in Leeds, as Bell and Brooke, producing a range of products including baking powder, mushroom ketchup, ginger beer powder and what the company described as its “celebrated Yorkshire Relish”.

They issued a Studdy drawn Bonzo postcard advertising their famous Yorkshire Relish sometime in the 1920s-1930s.

The proprietor of Be-Ze-Be Food Products Ltd. of Slough, Frank Bowden commissioned Studdy to produce a great Bonzo image to advertise their jams & honeys.  It was reproduced as an advertising postcard.

James Neill & Co. (Sheffield) Ltd., was founded by James Neill, a former accountant, who then patented a "composite" steel (steel-backed iron).  His company manufactured Machine Knives, Dies, Crucible Steel, Magnet Steel, "Eclipse" Safety Razor Blades, "Eclipse" Hack Saw Blades and Frames, "Eclipse" Permanent Magnets, "Eclipse" High Grade Crucible Steels, & many other products for engineering uses.

Several well know artists of the day made adverts for their Eclipse Razor Blades including Lawson Wood & Studdy in the 1930s.

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