This is one of two versions called 'Tango Bonzo', & was designed to have a range of clothing to go with him.  Overall he measures 7 inches in length.

A number of wheeled animals, aimed at toddlers learning to walk were produced throughout the late 1920's and 1930's.  These toys had large metal spoked wheels and could be either pushed or pulled.  Sometimes a standard wheeled chassis was used, the character being the only difference.  At other times, special wheeled chassis were constructed for a particular toy.  The wheeled animal series consisted of two elephants, a rabbit, various dogs, Tango puppy, Tango monkey, Tango rabbit and Tango Bonzo in two versions.

Another curious one, this Bonzo has internal springs fitted in his legs so he would bounce!  He stands about 7 inches tall.

On a similar line, but rarer, this standing Bonzo is on wheels.  He could have been a pull-toy, or possibly even sat upon by a small child.
He's 14 inches long.

Different again, this Schoolboy Bonzo has a stitched felt costume & part body with the more traditional moulded face, hands & feet.
He stands around 6 inches tall and originally came with a satchel, slung over one shoulder, which had the Chad Valley button on it.

An incredibly rare Clown Bonzo.

This Bonzo has a stitched face & features, with the body made from the same material only printed with the multicoloured shapes.
Sadly he's lost any labels or button he had, but he's clearly a Chad Valley made example.

A couple of postcards featuring some of the smaller range of Chad Valley toys.

An advertisement from Good Housekeeping, December 1923, for the famous Hamleys toy store in London.
The Chad Valley Bonzos were listed as "A striking model made in hand-coloured velveteen.  Small sitting model, price 8/6.  Jointed model to sit or stand, price 10/6.  Standing model with patent spring legs enabling the Dog to perform a varitey of tricks, price 10/6."  There is also mention of the Bonzo series of jig-saw puzzles at prices of 3/6 & 5/-.

A variety pack of Chad Valley Bonzos!