A selection of Bonzo prints from 'The Sketch' magazine
"The Artist who has made the world laugh: Mr. G.E. Studdy, a Portfolio of whose Dog Studies 'The Sketch' publishes on May 18".  This page was in the magazine published on 17th May 1922, one day before the first Portfolio of Bonzo prints hit the streets.  The advert continued; "We have now published 'The Studdy Dogs Portfolio', containing fifteen plates in colour, for the small sum of two shillings.  It will be on sale to-morrow, Thursday, May 18, and is obtainable from all newsagents or booksellers."
        "Bonzo's Grand National" - 21st March 1923
"Bonzo, Chee-Kee, and Jock suddenly remember
their New Year's Resolutions!" - 20th February 1924
"Bonzo runs through!" - 27th February 1924
"Bonzo on a Trunk Call!" - 30th July 1924
"Bonzo turns 'Bones'" - 20th August 1924
"Bonzo enjoys three-penn'orth of himself!"
- 27th August 1924
"Bonzo bungles it!" - 15th October 1924
"A Chimney-pot in seven letters - Top-Hole!"
- 11th March 1925
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