"Exit Bonzo - Enter Ooloo!  The new load of mischief.  The combination of 'The Sketch' and Studdy and the Bonzo Dog became world-famous.  We are now able to announce the appearence of a new Studdy character - Ooloo the Cat.  This load of mischeif has now arrived at 'The Sketch' office and makes his bow to our readers above.  His future adventures and exploits will be recorded in our pages." - The Sketch, 2nd January 1929.
"Ooloo laughs last: The Peke's mistake."
Published 20th March 1929.
"Bonzo butts in on Ooloo and Binkie; The gatecrashing old friend!"
After an absence of five months, Studdy gave Bonzo a 'guest appearence' in The Sketch on 8th May 1929.  Possibly his last appearence in that magazine.
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