Holly Leaves was the Christmas Number of The Illustrated Sporting And Dramatic News.  The publication featured many works from the well-known artists and illustrators of the day, and George Studdy joined that list in the early 1910's.

"This little pig went to market."

The Late Tenant.

The Prodigal's Return.

"Here endeth the first lesson."

"Breaking The Ice."

The Bolshevik.

"Alas, my brothers!  'Tis a queer world to look upon."

How Great-Grandfather's ghost was laid.

The Bad Fairy.

Left in the soup.

"Wanderland" - Tommy's version.

"Wanderland" - Joan's version.

"Dis pup's froo!"

A Christmas Flirtation.

Learner's Repose.

Mistletoe Make Up.

Star Turn.

The Gangsters

The Panda's Christmas "Stocking".