Exit Bonzo Enter Ooloo! The new load of mischief

Has anybody lost a baby Austin? Ooloo asks

Another new wave-length!  Ooloo joins the BBC Chorus!

Ooloo disillusioned: “So this is love”

Ooloo gives his blessing to a fancy dress ball: The “Sketch” and Studdy cat “featured” on the program of the Stage Guild Ball

Ooloo in influenza time: that ominous sneeze!

Ooloo and the white lie!

Ooloo gets the bird!  A tea-time story

Ooloo falsely accused!  The glorious acquittal

Ooloo laughs last: the Peke's mistake

Ooloo the hero! Tails up

Ooloo up against The Beak:  A blood-brotherhood

Fifty fifty! Ooloo gets the bird from his rival

Ooloo trumps his partner's trick! The bilking of Binkie

The water-wave! Ooloo shares Binkie’s wet shampoo

Bonzo butts in on Ooloo and Binkie: the gate-crashing old friend

Ooloo still one up! The bunkering of Binkie

Ooloo's concert pitch - and how Binkie tried to queer it!