The three films in this series were released on 28th December 1914, 15th January 1915, and 25th February 1915.

Published reviews for the first two films stated that:
"The series is of a topical character, and a number of humorous aspects of the Great War are presented on screen.  The rapid building-up of the sketch, which speedily takes definite shape before our eyes, is distinctly fascinating." - From 'Kine Monthly Film Record', January 1915

"Perhaps the favourite of the series will be the evolution of the German sausage into the perfected Super-Hun, an admirable portrait of the Kaiser, in which, with subtle sarcasm, he is depicted with his sword carried on the wrong side.  The other subjects treated include an allusion to the Scarborough Raid, the Kaiser choosing a new suit and complaining that the Spring fashions offer nothing but 'checks', and a very amusing study of the man in the street struggling with the pronunciation of Russian names." - from 'Bioscope', 28th January 1915.

This advertisment for them is from The Gaumont Weekly, 21st January 1915.